Hello flower lovers!

I am grateful to have this opportunity to share a few words about myself, my flower business Elysian Design, and the meaning of flowers in our lives.

My name is Ramona.  I was born and grew up in Romania, a small country in Eastern Europe.  I do not remember exactly when or why I became so attracted to the miraculous world of flowers, but my passion for flowers led me to open a flower shop in my home town when I was only a sophomore in college.  Today, my love affair with flowers is expressed through Elysian Design.

The mission of Elysian Design is to create innovative, custom-designed floral arrangements and bouquets for all occasions.  To accomplish this, Elysian Design blends European artistic sensibility, extravagant inspiration and client input to enhance and interpret the beauty of nature.  The magical mood created by an exquisite floral display is perfect for a wedding, anniversary, birth, or any special occasion, or simply to make an oasis of peace and beauty in a room or office.  Our unique bouquets make a clear and strong statement, representing love, happiness, joy, sorrow or just sheer beauty.  Our bouquets are meant to reveal something not only about the receiver, but also about the giver as well.

Elysian Design will enhance the meaning of your special occasion by combining inspired design with the natural beauty of flowers.